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Ubiquitous – CabConnect


Background: By offering a free Wi-Fi service and installing NFC tags in taxis, taxi advertising operator Ubiquitous, hoped to provide advertisers with a unique passenger engagement opportunity,(CabConnect). Previous research showed that the concept of in-taxi mobile marketing was sound, but launch partner Microsoft wanted to understand who had actually used the service and how it affected their perceptions of the brand.

Methodology: We employed a bespoke recruitment solution using a two-step validation process to ensure we were speaking to the right people, without interrupting the engagement opportunity. The self-report data we collected augmented the interaction data from the system to give a clearer idea of who interacted, their thoughts on the experience, and the impact it had on their brand perceptions.

Results: Passengers were positive about the experience and said that free Wi-Fi was a great service to offer in taxis. In fact, 58% agreed that they would be more likely to hail a taxi because it offered this service. Not only was the Wi-Fi campaign a good fit for the Microsoft brand, but based on benchmarks from other research, it also resulted in a much more memorable experience than the use of exterior taxi advertising alone.