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Channel 5 – Big Brother Product Placement


Background: Channel 5 were keen to establish the effectiveness of the product placement campaigns used within Big Brother, alongside sponsorship and other elements of the campaign.

Methodology: As Product Placement is a very subtle form of advertising we utilised neuroscience and eye tracking which allowed us to understand exactly how people responded to the campaign rather than just relying on recall. Alongside this we all carried out a large quantitative study which gave us solid data showing responses of those who watched Big Brother compared to those who didn’t.

Results: We were able to prove the effect of Product Placement and its influence on those who watched the programme. Through the eye tracking we could see exactly which images drew the viewers’ attention and through neuroscience we could see the difference in viewers’ responses to certain items having been exposed to them during the programme.

“We have worked with on a number of projects and have always found them to be efficient and knowledgeable. When researching product placement for Big Brother they used some new more innovative methodologies including eye tracking and neuroscience which enabled us to gain a detailed insight into the effectiveness of the campaign. Penny’s understanding of TV research and her team’s enthusiasm and professionalism are invaluable and I have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.” Matt Hill, C5